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2019 Year In Review

“Little did we know in February when we began writing our 2019 Annual Report that the title of the report, “The Changing Face of Health Care” would be even more true as we face the challenges of 2020. I hope you will take some time to review the amazing work


Tips To Reduce Stress In Women Over 50

Navigating the changes of midlife causes stress, there’s no doubt about it, and we’d all like to reduce stress in our lives. But stress can be positive, keeping us on our toes. Stress becomes negative when we continually face challenges without relief. Tension builds in the body, causing


How Your Heart Changes with Age

Aging can cause changes in the heart and blood vessels. For example, as you get older, your heart can't beat as fast during physical activity or times of stress as it did when you were younger. However, the number of heartbeats per minute (heart rate)