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1996 Eastman Ave., Ste. 101
Ventura, CA 93003

Dines Garden

The Dines purchased this property seven years ago, after being inspired by a magnificent Golden Rain tree, the centerpiece of their backyard. Modifying the landscape is an ongoing project that suits Lynn who likes to putter in the garden. Her attention to detail and creative use of plants, boulders, pebbles, and bark reflects her talent for being a passionate and accomplished landscaper.

In response to the drought, the Dines took out all of their grass and created a variety of destinations using natural ground covers, numerous artistically placed natives, and succulents that thrive on drip irrigation. Guests can choose to lounge on benches, Adirondack chairs, and even a hammock! Bubbling water from 3 fountains provides a tranquil background. A gazebo sporting pops of color was inspired by their son, an artist in Portland. They recently added a pagoda with a foot bridge that spans a dry creek bed.

Noren/Boutin Garden

Christina Noren and Paul Boutin purchased this home two years ago and spent nine months renovating the home and the gardens to reflect their style and personality. Christina, with her artistic background and talent, has created a cool natural oasis with her color palette, drought tolerant plants and new drip irrigation system.

Christina and Salvador Orozco, of Salvador’s Gardening, collaborated to artistically design the landscape. Escape Gardens of Somis provided the variety of plants to complete their vision. The perimeter of the front garden is an orchard with fig, apple, persimmon, guava, passion fruit vines, and citrus trees. A colorful flower bed in the front garden is accented with an unusual South African sculpture. A spectacular fountain and the award-winning outdoor furniture were designed by Robert Remer of Opiary NYC. Attention was given to making room for entertaining in the brick and stone back patio. The marine grade steel shark sculpted by Christopher Schultz of CK Contemporary Gallery, vintage windows, and an old stone fountain give an eclectic ambiance.

The tranquil settings throughout the gardens encompass the five senses. Christina reminds us that “Mother Nature is the Gardener” though it is her touch and attention to detail that has made this garden magical.

Our Paradise Garden

This two-acre expansive property was purchased in 2016. The owners spent several years personalizing the gardens and enhancing the many points of interest on this lovely site.

Ponds, waterfalls, palm trees, and a wide variety of vegetation are showcased on Bouquet Canyon terraces that are connected by meandering stone pathways. A complete outdoor kitchen overlooks a dining area and an intimate amphitheater. A pool with a water slide, spa, and fire pit beckons a variety of activities. Or perhaps one might choose to sip a fine glass of wine and munch on a cluster of grapes while reclining on a chaise lounge. Perched on a hillside, the views complete this unexpected resort.

Shepard Garden

Every now and again we feature a garden that has previously been on the tour but has evolved and matured into something new. WOW, has this garden evolved! In the front garden are large slate slabs that were installed in 2015 with a variety of succulents. The slabs are now nestled in these massive succulents that burst with color.

The chickens still live in their special home, but the back yard rock garden has been lovingly expanded. 90,000 tons of rock have been used to create waterfalls, and “wetland bogs.” These bogs are six feet deep with layers of gravel that filter the water. They are home to five water turtles, 30 Koi, and other fish that hide from predators under a bridge that provides access to the rock terraces above. The bogs are also used as aquaponics beds to grow tomatoes, dirt free.

Thompson Garden

Diane and Jim have a lovely garden that was featured on our tour 7 years ago. Last year, in response to the drought, they made the decision to take out the front lawn, install a drip irrigation system, and cover the flower beds with bark.

Landscape architect Tayrn Tree provided them with a selection of plants that would provide texture and color while being able to thrive with the drip system. The Thompsons took it from there and have planted a beautiful array of unique foliage. The front garden is anchored by Birch, Crepe Myrtle, and Strawberry trees. Along with boulders, bark, and shrubs, they added a foot bridge over a dry stream bed.

This is one of the garden’s many features that includes benches, hot tub, swing, and fire pit. The covered patio is great for entertaining or simply looking out over the rock bordered flower beds at the view of the golf course below. Diane and Jim spend their quiet time planning their next projects. It might be removing and transplanting overgrown shrubs or simply collecting rain water in two large barrels to use on a hot dry day.