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On April 19th we honored Dianne McKay and remembered Carol Gilbert for their tireless dedication to their families and our community. Nearly 150 guests paid tribute to these two amazing women at the Annual Mother’s Day Luncheon at the Las Posas Country Club. 

Dianne’s son, Bennett, crafted a heartwarming video tribute, highlighting the profound empathy and infectious humor she imparted to him. Her son, Jackson, eloquently expressed Dianne’s exceptional motherhood qualities, illustrating her unwavering connection with the community. And her oldest son Danny Bracco, echoed this sentiment, revealing the deep-seated affection these children hold for their mother, continually drawing inspiration and strength from her. Her daughter, Carly Little, performed a touching rendition of “Baby Mine,” adding an extra layer of emotional resonance to the heartfelt tribute.  

Carol’s granddaughter, Sylvie Gilbert, sent a moving video tribute and shed light on the profound affection she harbored for her grandmother. She painted a vivid picture of Carol’s home, a place of enchantment from Sylvie’s childhood, where every corner held cherished memories she will carry with her for the rest of her life. Chris Kimball, esteemed family friend and former President of California Lutheran University reminisced about the deep bond he shared with Carol. He spoke of her strong devotion to the school and their community, recounting moments where she graciously extended her warmth to students and never faltered in her care of their families, including Chris’s own, always checking with genuine concern for their well-being. Carol’s son, Rod, illustrated a beautiful image that resonated deeply with all present, capturing the essence of his mother’s dignity even in her final days. He portrayed her acceptance of life’s end with profound grace, a testament to her fulfillment in her identity and accomplishments.   

Thank you to our sponsors, donors, and honoree families for making this event successful. All funds raised at the event support our Livingston Cares program to help Ventura County residents recuperate, recover, or simply maintain a safe lifestyle in their home. 

View Our 2022 Tribute/Memorial Videos and Event Photos Below: