Volunteer Information

Our Livingston Hospice Volunteers are the core of our organization for they have a special dimension, a loving heart, and a unique call to serve.  They find it personally gratifying and emotionally meaningful to assist those facing the end of life and many say the experience has promoted their own emotional and spiritual growth. “Being intimately involved with another person's death provides a greater appreciation for life. Helping the terminally ill is not about dying, it’s about living” …. JS, hospice volunteer.

Many of Livingston’s volunteers were introduced to hospice through the death of a family member and understand firsthand the value of hospice care. They range in age from young adults  to senior citizens and may have professional skills or specialized expertise, but most are just people who want to help. They offer caring compassionate support for both the person facing the end-of-life and those close them.  Volunteers build a unique relationship with our patients by providing non-judgmental listening, companionship, an outstretched hand, or simply just being there.  Another service our volunteers provide is respite care and a break for the caregiver by running errands or doing whatever they can to help family members in this difficult time of transition.

Several volunteers choose to support Livingston Hospice by providing vital assistance to our office personal and care team.  They may help with administrative duties, special projects and events, serve on committees and assist with fundraising.

To ensure our volunteers are equipped for the challenge of working with the dying, Livingston provides extensive orientation and training as well as on-going support and education.  Volunteers learn the history of hospice, the goals and philosophy of care, and the emotional and spiritual needs of patients at the end of life. They develop the communication skills necessary to comfort and support patients and families and because they spend quality time with patients, they often give valuable feedback to the care team. Some volunteers choose to get additional training in bereavement so they can help provide  grief support when the time comes. “My life has more purpose and it is very fulfilling to know I’ve made a difference” …. SM,  Hospice Volunteer.

To volunteer and learn more, please call Livingston’s Volunteer Coordinator at 642-0239 x775 or email . All volunteers are background checked and screened.