Did you know that Livingston helps adolescents cope with loss?

Livingston provides bereavement and grief support for many people throughout the county, but there is one group that is particularly fragile when coping with loss and that is adolescents. Since 1995, Livingston has dedicated a licensed clinical social worker to lead peer grief groups at local high schools for teens.  Livingston now partners with seven high schools and one junior high school in Ventura County. Our Licensed Clinical Social Worker guides groups of teens, who meet weekly during one class period for 16 weeks, to help these students. The groups offer a safe and comfortable environment to help students:

  • Explore and understand the grieving process
  • Express feelings and develop coping skills
  • Create new social support systems
  • Receive emotional support and decrease emotional pain
  • Rediscover a sense of hope

Lisa Rood, LCSW and School Bereavement Coordinator states, “Basically we create a safe place for students to share with one another, be heard, and feel hope that they still have a relationship with the loved one.¬† They are grieving through their dreams while sleeping, in their heart and memories, and if they are open to it, on an ongoing basis in spirit.”

We are especially grateful to the Meadowlark Service League for their support of our Good Grief program. Through the generosity of the Meadowlarks, we can help adolescents learn and heal as they move through their grieving process.

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