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Team Livingston: Sandi Biggs

Sandi Biggs is a volunteer’s Volunteer Coordinator. Prior to becoming the Volunteer Coordinator for Camarillo Hospice, Sandi spent seven years as a Livingston Hospice volunteer working with Maddy Hazard and other Livingston Hospice patients and volunteers. When there was an opportunity to fill the Camarillo Hospice position, Sandi was an obvious choice. In addition to her volunteer’s heart, Sandi also has the educational and professional experience necessary to succeed in her role. She holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and formerly worked in senior care management. Add to all this that she is a 17 year Camarillo resident and we think Sandi is an excellent fit.

There are about 100 Camarillo Hospice volunteers; about half contribute their time to the Camarillo Hospice farmer’s market. Sandi coordinates the half that performs a variety of functions for the community. Sandi helps volunteers who are involved in the Life Story, By Your Side, Pet, and Healing Music programs.

Sandi finds working with the volunteers very rewarding. She says she loves the enthusiasm, willingness to help others, and compassion for one another that the volunteers share. Although the Camarillo Hospice volunteers are a diverse group of people, Sandi observes that a common thread that links them together is their willingness and wanting to help others.

If you are interested in becoming a Camarillo Hospice volunteer, you can find information on this website by clicking the link below or contacting Sandi directly a (805) 389-6870 x453 or sbiggs@lmvna.org.

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